Cara Masak Copenhagen Kuliner

Diposting pada
Dinner : vegetarian fried rice with egg at Thailand resto Central CPH
Lunch ; nachos cheese jalapeno with guacamole, tomato sauce, and mayo 
at Cafe Castro Norrebro
Lunch : humus, green salad, chiabata bread  at Cafe Castro Norrebro

Lunch:  fried potato wedges with mayo dip
at Cafe Phister Vanlose

Lunch : vegetables avocado salad with mozarela, green pesto dressing and brown bread
at Cafe Phister Vanlose

Lunch : brown bread with ekologist butter for starter
at Cafe L’ Orange Valby

Lunch : vegetarian lasagna
at Cafe L’ Orange Valby

Lunch: vegetables salad with goat cheese, asaparagus, edamane, vinegar dressing
at Cafe Vik Venlose

Lunch: vegetarian sandwich: avocado, mozarela, mayo and pesto dressing
with potatoes wedges
at Cafe Vik Venlose